The Book: i thought it was interesting in my reading as i finished up chapter 2, that business models are very fluid, representing you and your basic character, motivations, and plot. Finding out how to make money and yet create value in its strategy for those who are the potential customers.

Class: Something that was the most interesting that i found and thought about as we discussed the five competitive forces model was that it changes constantly. if you are a new entrant to a market and you use this model to help you evaluate the potential of your product or services, the model will be very different than if you are already in the market and you decide to come out with a new product or service within your market that either has competition or is moving the direction of the market into another path.

Personal Project: I spent this week laying out the structure and excel tools i want to learn/practice in order to improve my skills. i started into my project by looking up the most valuable visual basic skills for beginners and business people. i watched some tutorials and made a plan for VB also.

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