I am real excited about our team project! we are working on the NIFUT project, a start-up pharmaceuticals company, and we get to do market analysis. for this week my project is to do an analysis of Specialty Gases of America and Air Products and Chemicals.  These are established companies that have had success in the industry that NIFUT is trying to start into.  What does their marketing strategy / revenue model etc look like?  What do they do good / bad?  What can we learn from these companies?  Also, find contact info of people that we could contact. It is fun and interesting!

This week i have found some valuable videos in visual basic, that have helped me implement some of the ideas and where i was held up last week. some even gave me new ideas and put me onto new projects this week that i had not anticipated. i got a lot of help from the Visual Basic Developer Center. for excel i have tried to find material on making graphs dynamic by creating the graph within an array that changes. i have found little support information, so i have been having a lot of trial and error, it set me back a couple days which i will try to make up next week.

In class as we talked about financial ratios, it was redefined in my mind the multitude of types of financial ratios that can be used for different kinds of analysis. there are certain combinations of ratios that can be looked at when in the position of an investor, banker, buyer, etc.. that look for different things. it is important to assess always what position you are in, that you can correctly identify the ratios that matter to you and figure out if the company in question meets your guidelines of financial health. Global economics was also fairly intriguing, as we identified ways and patterns that the market is going through our reading and video. it is definitely a global economy, it is up to us to figure out if we will be around with our jobs to enjoy it, or it

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