Week 6



This week we broke down our assignments to do some competitive analysis for the chemicals that we are dealing with as main products for NIFUT. i was given the product SF4 which i found to be used in the pharmaceuticals industry. i started contacting companies that might be able to give some information on what they use it for and various standard non-invasive questions. i might be able to this week hear back from Pfizer and make some head way with the chemical.

everything is good. i am back on schedule and making progress with my projects. i was able to overcome and understand where i was having issues previously. now i am back on my schedule with the tasks that i have planned out. i have not had many struggles except for just the understanding and implementation of visual basic. i am learning though, so it is expected.

In our discussion about the Apple Inc. case, i was intrigued more about the idea and concept of, "where is Apple to go now? what are the future industry projections? what business structure is more apt to falter in a changing industry?" Anything along those lines was really what i would have liked talking about. i thought it kind of trivial how we were just re-hashing the same information and arguments that have been around since the early 80's. i wanted to talk about what was going to happen from here and into the future? also, i would like to talk about whether it is a good business model that Apple is sticking to with the updates and new products every couple months to a year. begging the question of whether or not they have the technology already developed but are holding back because they will make more money with the updates and new product development, with the downside of customer annoyance.

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