Week 7



This past week we focused on competition. We need to find as much information on our competition as possible. This is because within the next week we are going to contacting them, hopefully to find out some more information about distribution, margins, potential threats, etc... It was a lot of the due diligence that needed to get done in order for us to objectively classify the size, and dynamics of the market.

Since we are about half way through the semester, i have looked at the projects that i have completed, the progress that i have made in both visual basic and in the visual presentation functions of excel. i am quite excited and happy with the skills that i have gained and the progress that i have made throughout this semester. i also looked at what i have planned over the next half and tweaked a few things so that my learning is more productive. this week was good, i felt great about the skills i worked on this week, in excel i focused on how to get the three dimensional graphs to visually be effective across various types of inputs and when used for different information. visual basic was about formulas, it takes longer than i though, or i just dont understand enough about writing pre-made formulas. i am trying to get them to work but i didn't get as many done as i thought i would, i am going to work on that next week.

in review of the Apple case, i think it was important how we delved more into what aspects add value to the company, if by getting rid of Steve Jobs they will lose their innovative persona.

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