We met with Bam, the client for our consulting project, and were able to refocus our dedication and diligence towards finding customers, figuring out prices for manufacturing of the product, and also what the competition charges its customers. We needed to develop a little stronger our information in regards to the big players in the industry that we feel would be main competitors and so we did our due diligence to find what we could. also we started contacting some of these competitors and also industry experts to help us get a better feel for how they approach the industry, their customers, competition, and potential threats to the way that they do business. very good week.

This week was kind of slow, i did what i had planned but it ended up not being too hard, i focused on identifying download-able plug-ins to enhance the performance and accessories of excel and visual basic, i will be exploring them next week.

As we discussed Netflix much of it was very interesting. The way the market changes soo quickly is a testament to the amount of knowledge and upkeep is demanded in the market. in order for them to do well they have to stay on their toes and anticipate the way the market will move, also to find their niche they need to understand their competitors weaknesses and also the unfilled want of the clients, and by filling that need first they are able to secure a stronger hold in market share. Something that sets Netflix apart from its competition is the customer ratings and recommendations database. because of such a well integrated system they are able to demand good market share, they found what their customer wanted.

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