Week 5



We got to meet with Bam, the entrepreneur of NIFUT, and discuss in further depth our project. it helped give us a greater focus on what we were to do. we were given individual things to look up and focus our research on. it has been great to delve into information pertinent to specific product development as well as commercial ability of potential markets.

while looking up methods of learning on the Visual Basic Developer Center i was able to identify some methods and modules that they prefer to teach and help in the understanding process of visual basic, i went through some of those modules, some were review as i tried to catch up through the many examples and assignments they want you to cover in order to grasp concepts. I have been making up for last week in my excel skills development. i have gone through many of the tools in the option menu, in order to emulate a dashboard i found off the web and something similar to one given to me after discussing with Brother Kunzler some effective dashboard layouts, i got stuck on the formatting of a graph for finding statistical variances, i plan on discussing where i went wrong with Brother Kunzler as well as going step by step through the example.

In our discussion about blue ocean strategy and that way of viewing value and markets, i felt somewhat skeptical of the weight placed on such a way of valuation. I can see the principles and methods used to find such information and think outside the box to be very valuable, i do not know if you can look at opportunities though in such a methodical process as the blue ocean strategy though. maybe that's just personal skepticism. it can be a very difficult process to break away from current market strategies and ideals to change the horizons of the market or industry.

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