The Book: what stuck out to me the most about my reading was knowing the RIGHT questions to ask. the right questions do not just get us from point a to point b, but rather they invite discussion, thought, and a more cautioned approach. in chapter 4 of What Management Is, they discussed how not every strategy creates the desired outcome, and also not all strategies for organization and business is meant to work in every business, but instead it is supposed to be varied and tweaked for each companies goals.

Class: Having the guest speakers in last week and pouring over the case studies, i felt that my reading had a great influence on the way i approached each case and situation each company was going through. The companies were in a predicament that they either had to assess the value added  by their company and whether it was worth it to expand, or how to do it given the competitors and barriers to entry. In order for me to understand each case i had to look at the companies goals, where did they want to take the company? Was this in that direction or along that path? Do they have the infrastructure/means to expand? Do they want to expand?

Personal Project: for my excel presentation skills i was able to watch microsoft videos as well as some designer videos that discussed graphs. graphs are a main struggling point for me, the adaptation of graphs through multiple variables and situations. for my Visual Basic skill activity, i did a simple button command that populated a field, to do it the way i wanted was hard because it had to be within a certain strict criteria, i am looking for videos that will address how to make it a formula or something that acts like an add-in.

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